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our Mission & Vision


Ratul mission is to continue our tradition of global leadership in high-quality apparel and commit ourselves to promote universal ideals of community and service. We create products that make people feel stylish, comfortable and special from birth to maturity. We aim at an integrative approach in designing and producing our products which focus on innovation, advanced technologies and special attention to our customer’s needs and lifestyles. Ratul is committed to supporting our customers, fulfilling and exceeding their expectations, and enabling them to be more competitive in the market place. We are proud of being a multicultural global firm and believe in mutual respect and co-existence within the Ratul family and in the communities and environments in which we work. The company is committed to being a safe and healthy workplace that provides its employees with the opportunity to grow and develop within the Ratul family. The company is commit-ted to continuing to grow and evolve and considering our corpo-rate social and environmental responsibilities and stewardship throughout the process.


At Ratul we strive to maintain our position as global leaders in the field of high-quality apparel. Lead by the desire to support our customers, we aspire to fulfill and exceed their expectations through continuous innovation and creativity, all the while staying true to our universal social and environmental ideals.